DFA: Harris “transformed the [2020] contest… will have a profound impact on the Democratic Party”

This afternoon, Senator Kamala Harris officially suspended her 2020 campaign for President.

Democracy for America's CEO Yvette Simpson issued the following statement after Harris' announcement:

"Despite her decision to suspend her campaign today, there's no doubt that Sen. Kamala Harris' presence in the 2020 Democratic primary over the last year transformed the contest and will have a profound impact on the Democratic Party for years to come.

"Just as she pushed forward on a trail forged by Shirley Chisholm and Carol Moseley Braun, I have no doubt that the first Black woman to win the presidency will get there thanks to the arguments made and the lessons learned by Kamala Harris in this race. The way she inspired young brown girls to believe that they could do anything, including be President of the United States was a beautiful thing to behold, and a moment that I believe we will see again in the near future.

"While I'll miss her on the debate stage going forward, I think we should all be comfortable knowing Sen. Harris will continue to be an unrelenting force for justice in the U.S. Senate and a powerful advocate for the voices of women of color in the 2020 race for President and beyond." -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

DFA has been closely following Harris’s race since her announcement in January 2019. While Harris rose to 3rd place in DFA’s July 2019 Presidential Pulse Poll, she dropped to 6th in the most recent iteration of the straw poll.

DFA has not yet made any endorsement in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary race.

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