DFA PULSE POLL RESULTS: Near supermajority support Sanders, Warren in DFA’s November 2019 straw poll

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) released the results of its fourth Presidential Pulse Poll of the 2020 election cycle showing support growing for nearly every major candidate and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, together, capturing over 62% of all first-place votes cast.

The grassroots poll continues to have Sanders in the lead and Warren closely behind him. It also shows a mild resurgence for Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, while each remains beneath their previous DFA Pulse Poll highs.

Amy Klobuchar makes her first top-five premier in this latest pulse poll, while Kamala Harris drops out of the top-five for the first time after the surge of support she saw in DFA’s July Presidential Pulse Poll.

Top five results from the DFA poll:

  • Bernie Sanders, 35.17%
  • Elizabeth Warren, 27.69%
  • Joe Biden, 12.08%
  • Pete Buttigieg, 7.26%
  • Amy Klobuchar, 3.72%

See the full results here: http://poll.democracyforamerica.com/results

The poll, which began immediately following the October 15th debate through midnight (ET) Tuesday, November 5th, is the fourth straw-poll survey DFA has conducted of its membership regarding the 2020 presidential election. DFA’s first three 2020 Presidential Pulse Polls were released in December 2018, April 2019, and July 2019.

Democracy for America Chair Charles Chamberlain on DFA’s November 2019 Presidential Pulse Poll results:

“Our latest 2020 Presidential Pulse poll results show a contest in which DFA members are increasingly rallying behind the two-leading progressive candidates.

“Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have consistently been the top two candidates with our members since our April poll. Between Sanders’ rock-solid support and Warren’s consistent ascent, these latest results make clear that no other candidate is a real threat to their dominance with the Democratic Party’s progressive base.

Below Warren and Sanders, there has been a fair amount of churn in the rankings as compared to previous results. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s boost in this latest poll is real, but both are still doing worse than their previous highs — Biden in our Dec. 2018 poll and Buttigieg in our April 2019 survey.

While Corporate Democrats may be hunting around for better candidates — something that might help explain Senator Amy Klobuchar’s recent rise in our own poll — DFA’s latest presidential pulse poll results show that progressives are happy with the leaders we’ve got in this race and our more convinced than ever that having a champion for inclusive populism and bold, structural change at the top of the ticket is essential to victory in 2020.”-- Charles Chamberlain, Chair, Democracy for America

Ahead of 2020, DFA is committed to pressuring presidential candidates to be progressive leaders, providing opportunities for those running on inclusive populism to connect with its members, and conducting multiple Presidential Pulse Polls before any potential endorsement vote.

Noteworthy Illustrations

Nov. 2019’s Top Ten:

Nov. 2019’s Top Five Over DFA’s four 2020 Presidential Pulse Polls:

Results of a head-to-head race against our Warren and Sanders (Note: This is slightly closer than July 2019’s results):

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